Welcome to the Church Creatives Network.

We're excited you're here!

What's the mission behind the network?

We're forming a global network of Church Creatives that share a passion to equip and empower the Church through their skills and experience in areas like AVL, Worship, Communications, IT, Leadership, and more... With a collective heart for sowing into others and serving present needs, we both glean and give back from extensive years of experience serving the Church.

What's the benefit? 

Here are a few of the things you’ll be able to do as a member:

  • Connect with Church Creatives worldwide, fostering relationships and expanding your network with like-minded individuals passionate about AVL, Worship, Communications, IT, Leadership, etc.
  • Receive and provide support within the community, accessing resources and guidance from experienced members while also sharing your own skills and knowledge to empower others in their ministries.
  • Continuously develop your own expertise in your chosen area through learning opportunities, workshops, and discussions led by seasoned professionals.